Osmosis , destilated, low mineralized water or tape water

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    • Osmosis , destilated, low mineralized water or tape water

      What kind of water you used wiht your chondros. Normally i used low mineralized water, but thinking in start to used osmosis reverse water.

      I have heard some people dont like osmosis reverse water for herps, but never i have found a clear answer. The people who dont like osmosis water, they call "dead water" but i don´t really understand the meaning.

      In other hand, about spraying, following some breeders i only spray once a week (every day when shedding) my chondros but allways i keep fresh water in the bowl.
    • Hi there,

      me personally use osmosis water for spraying. We use normal water for the bowls. I never had an issue or a problem with osmosis water. Never ever. I know some people say, you have to you use low mineralized water. This is a good opinion too.

      And by the way, with osmosis water you don't have to clean your cage glasses so often :thumbsup:

      Greetz Martin