Pacino x Guapa Azul 6 months old

  • This is my last holdback from this clutch I have produced from Ben Evans "Pacino" (Mitey Mel x Lil Stevie) x Andrew Kelley "Guapa Azul" (Pacific x Testarossa)! Only 35 grams and already started to change! Black is coming in nicely! [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Thanks for looking, Toma!
  • hello Toma. a really nice animal whit amazing blood...and Testarosa Blood is rare now ;( have you some pics from the animal when it was younger ? nice dark color and red Eyes :love: have nobody else here some siblings to compare? thx for showing :) bye Robert
  • Hi Toma, thanks for sharing your nice offspring. Nice animal and I am amazed about the speed of colour-changing! Wow! Looking forward to see some more of this. Tried to write on MVF but couldn't login in..... Thanks again for showing. All the best Martin