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The  3D diagnostic mammography and tomosynthesis

For patients who do not wish or cannot participate in the cantonal mammography screening program of the Canton of Ticino due to age or clinical history, the xDonna study offers the possibility to undergo a personalized examination that ends with a visit with the radiologist.

The places has tomosynthesis technology available to patients for mammography, which allows them to obtain a 3D mammogram.

Tomosynthesis: what is it?

Tomosynthesis is a mammography technique developed more than 15 years ago, where we were no longer satisfied with performing two radiological projections per breast, but it allows to acquire a volume of image thanks to the movement of the X-ray tube in different angles. A dedicated high-resolution work computer allows you to navigate through the volume of images reconstructed every millimeter. The number of images varies according to the thickness of the compressed breast.  Scanning in just 3.7 seconds minimizes compression time, increasing patient comfort and limiting the possibility of motion artifacts mammography in West Orange.

Advantages of tomosynthesis:

The volumetric acquisition of images reconstructed every millimeter allows to partially compensate for the masking effect of the dense mammary gland on some lesions and also allows to better define both the contours of benign lesions and those of malignant tumors.

Tomosynthesis allows to increase the recognition rate of malignant tumors in patients who hav

Is tomosynthesis always used?

Tomosynthesis is composed of a volume of millimeter images whose computer weight does not currently allow the exchange of images at a distance, therefore it is not yet permitted within the Cantonal Mammography Screening program. Thanks to the mapping function, each suspicious area detected on an Intelligent 2D image is instantly and automatically linked to the corresponding Tomosynthesis layer, saving valuable reading time and speeding up the workflow for radiologists. The examination Hologic 3D Mammography.

When should I have a breast ultrasound?

“The advice is that young women undergo it, ideally on an annual basis, but in some particular cases, for example when you want to evaluate the possible increase in size of some lump, it may also require a six-monthly repetition”.

And when should mammography be done?

“Mammography is usually recommended after the age of 40. In the presence of a family history of breast cancer, however, it is good that the examination is brought forward to around 35/38 years “.

used cars in hollywood fl

Used Cars in Hollywood: Sell or Buy For Cheap

We all love trying out new things from time to time and that’s how most people feel about cars too. The two main reasons for selling your old car for a new one are the need to try out a newer model or your old car not working efficiently anymore. There are very few of us who think that buying a second-hand car is profitable.

Before they even take a look at the car, they automatically assume that it’s of no use to them, but ask yourself one question, have you ever sold a perfectly good car of your own? If you find the correct place, you can get good-as-new cars at an extremely good deal. Some places run car exchanges too. Automax does exactly what you need. You can buy used cars in hollywood fl that are in extremely good condition and sell your old ones here too. Keep reading to know more about this outstanding site.

used cars in hollywood fl

Why is Automax the best choice for you?

Do you want to sell your old car? Or do you want to buy a new one? Or do you want to skip the cost of buying a car and wish to service your old one? Automax has got it all covered. We have curated some of the best deals for you to find a new car. If you wish to just rent a car to test our services before you actually buy one, you can do that too. Our site has all the options covered and our contact details are provided too. You can contact us any time in case of any issues or if you need any sort of consultation.

Buying used cars in Hollywood may just turn out to be one of your best decisions because we always look after our customer’s needs because we love our customers! Coming to the best part of the deal, we always have amazing offers running for you. You can always wait for a new offer to be displayed before buying a car if you want your purchase to be more profitable. Hoping to see you soon!

Small Business Opportunities

Understanding How To Invest In a Small Business

Most small businesses fail in the first few years, and small business investments are the riskiest investors. The guide suggests factors to consider when deciding whether to invest in a small business.

Instead, use funds that would otherwise go towards a consumer purchase,

Small business investments are usually difficult to convert into cash, although technically transferable securities. Consequently, you generally won’t be able to sell your securities if the business gets worse. In addition, the fact that the state has registered the placement does not mean that a particular investment will be successful, continue reading this article to learn more.

Business Opportunities Help in Creating Huge Wealth

Investment analysis

While there is no magic wand for making successful investment decisions, professional venture capitalists find certain factors necessary. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How long has the company been operating? If you are a new company or have a short history, are you being asked to pay more than the shares are worth?
  • Consider whether management is unfairly treating investors by accepting salaries or other perks that are too great given the stage of development of the company or by holding an excessive number of shares in the company compared to the amount they will receive to investors. For example, does the public invest 80 percent of the money but receive only 10 percent of the company’s shares?
  • What experience does management have in the industry and small business? How successful were managers in previous companies?
  • Are you aware of a firm you value the company and make a wise investment in?
  • How and when will you get a return on your investment?

Earn on your investment. Two classic methods of making money from investing in small businesses are reselling shares in public stock markets after a public offering and receiving cash or traded securities in a merger or other acquisition.

Suppose the business is unlikely to go public or be sold within a reasonable time frame. In that case, this may not be the best investment for you, despite your chances of success due to lack of opportunity. Get a profit on investment.

A successful private company can pay off indefinitely with salaries and bonuses. Still, it is unlikely that it will have enough profits to pay dividends in proportion to the risk of the investment. Investors must obtain a disclosure document, prospectus before making a final investment decision. You must read this material before investing.

Productivity and Efficiency are Boosted


Even the most lucrative small business startup deals are very risky. A good investment is based on sound business judgment, not emotion. If you’re not entirely comfortable, it’s usually best not to invest. There will be many other possibilities. Don’t let the securities trader force you to make a decision.

Focus on experience and track record of achievement, not a smooth sales presentation. If possible, bring an experienced entrepreneur with you to help you with your analysis. Beware of any information that is different or not included in the disclosure document. By law, all important information must be on the disclosure document.


More and more public investors are going down, investing in small businesses. If successful, these companies improve the economy and create jobs.

used alfa romeo in san diego

Things To Remember While Buying Used Alfa Romeo In San Diego

Most people these days prefer to buy used cars for their business as it not only allows them to ease out their business but at the same time, also ensures that they can maximize their funds too. If you are planning to buy a car, then the question ofwhy buy a used alfa romeo in san diego from dealer when you can easily manage it from the seller pops up in your mind. The following article shall focus on the utility of buying a car from a dealer as against buying it from the seller directly.

used alfa romeo in san diego

Things to do with used cars:

  • Your car can be used for different works in that organization; however, before donating it, you need to make sure that the car is working properly and nobody part of the car can damage any person. Because that might create serious issue letter on hence before donating it make sure to do proper repairing and servicing of it.
  • Dismantling can be the other option available, but only when you are handy with car parts and automobiles. There is a huge market of automobiles where any quality part is always welcomed. You can dismantle your cars, filter out the parts in good condition, and sell them in the market, you will be getting a good price for each item, and it would be a good experience.
  • Selling it is always an option. Whenever you want, you can sell your car by listing it in the buy/sell marketplace. There are many platforms available for selling and buying anything, you need to list your item with quotes, and buyers will contact you afterward. The only problem is it takes be a time-consuming process as you need to show the item to everyone, and it demands patience.

In such cases, you will be required to replace only that specific part. In such a case, the issue could be what to do with the old part? For example, car seats, can used alfa Romeo in San Diego seats be donated? The answer will be yes; there are some ways to donate your used car seats.

used cars fresno

Are you finding a perfect way to buy the used cars in Fresno

If you are going to buy a used car in Fresno, then you might be thinking on your legal rights. Basically, this is a seller or written promise of manufacturer to replace or repair the defective parts for a declared time period. If you are buying used cars fresno, you are legally entitled to have the replacement offered or defects repaired as elongated as you have the aforesaid warranty. But, you can be charged for the usage before the defect occurring. However, this charge is not simple to calculate as there is no set method as there is with the fresh vehicles. Now, the Fresno car companies are providing special internal financing model, which enables them to offer you flexible options.

Benefits of owning a used car in Fresno

When you own a used car in Fresno, it has following benefits such as:

  • 9% approval odds
  • 5-day return assurance
  • No-bargain cost
  • No-demands sales advisors
  • Free auto check history report
  • 129 dealerships all over the country
  • Personalized financing options
  • 30-day/ 1,500 miles limited warranty

used cars fresno

Receive a real down payment without leaving your home

When it comes to obtaining the used cars, you can obtain a real down payment without even leaving your home. This online industry leading auto loan application places you in the seat of a driver with the information you want to make an upcoming decision on your further used car buying. However, each and every auto loan online approval is 100% customized to you as well as your credit such as needed down payment as well as an improved car shopping experience. None of any other financial institutions and dealerships can compete with this financing information that you can obtain within a matter of minutes. Besides, in order to get the used cars fresno, you can offer yourself the highest chance to recover a situation in the following ways such as:

  • If you have any doubts regarding vehicle, you do not buy
  • Check the warranty that is being provided with your used car carefully
  • Do not purchase a used car without warranty



used cars in pasco

How Do You Find Out A Used Car

Many customers want a well-maintained used car for their next purchase but are unsure where to begin. Starting with a dealership is a good idea. Unlike private sellers, an excellent multi-franchise dealership has access to many car brands and will guarantee their vehicles. It’s anyone’s guess how well the car runs or if the repairs have become too much for the owner with a private seller. The dealership’s service center will take used cars in pasco and get them running like new again before putting them on the lot. A wise customer will conduct some research before purchasing their next car, and many will end up visiting a multi-franchise dealership for their requirements.

It is critical to understand that shopping at a multi-franchise dealership is the most satisfying option. Several different models are on display for the buyer to peruse at their leisure. It provides a far more enjoyable shopping experience than visiting multiple franchises. Working with a dealership gives you the advantage of ordering replacement parts for your vehicle as regular maintenance becomes more critical.

used cars in pasco

Several dealerships offer service warranties for any vehicle purchased from them. It’s a good idea to ask about this when you’re making your decision. Working with a used car dealer is less stressful and much easier to handle for inexperienced consumers. Several dealers have loan departments and can take many of the formalities associated with buying a car.

The best way to find the dealership is to search for it on the internet or ask your friends and acquaintances about their car-buying experiences. Asking around for someone who has recently purchased a used car is an excellent place to start. Check to see if they have a preferred dealership or if they have any recommendations for you. Buying a used car from a dealership is a great way to get a decently priced car and keep cash in your pocket.

A used car may have only been driven a short distance or for a short period before being traded in for the following year’s model. Allow someone else to pay the depreciation costs and buy a more reasonably priced car from a reputable dealership that will have ready access to everything related to car buying.