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Few Questions That You Must Ask Your Security System Supplier
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Few Questions That You Must Ask Your Security System Supplier

These days, you can hear many cases of burglary and business robberies and the only remedy of this can be installing an effective and reliable security system. Having such a security system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

There are many security system installation companies available on the market, however, before you choose to install any of the systems, you must ask a few questions to know a little more detail about them.

  1. How much area can your cameras cover?

You need to make sure whether the camera range is adequate to cover the entire area of your property.

  1. Whether your cameras are the infrared type?

Infrared cameras are capable to detect the presence of any suspicious object even in darkness.

  1. Can I use the same camera type always?

For proper surveillance, you will need to have separate cameras for different areas, and a single camera may not be very effective.

Wireless alarms systems

  1. Whether your cameras are wireless or wired?

For better surveillance, you will need both types of cameras.

  1. Whether battery backups necessary?

It is important to know whether the system will continue to get power even if there is no power available.

  1. Whether your company is a member of any recognized association?

Usually, any reputed and trustworthy company must be a member of any such professional association.

  1. How long have you in business?

If you are planning to install an expensive system then it will be preferable to choose a company with proven experience.

  1. What is the response time of alarms?

A good system will respond to any alarm reports well within 60 seconds.

  1. What kind of warranty do you offer?

Since it is related to your security and protection and therefore any system that you choose should be supported by a warranty.